Filing a Complaint

The process of filing a complaint with FIDReC is simple.

Consumers who have a dispute that they have not been able to resolve with a financial institution can file a complaint free of charge with FIDReC. They can do so either in person or via fax, post or email by submitting a Dispute Resolution Form.

On receipt, a Case Manager will process the complaint. The Case Manager will first assess if the complaint is within FIDReC's jurisdiction. If so, the Case Manager will try to resolve the dispute through case management and mediation. This service is free of charge to consumers.

If there is no resolution after this, the consumer may choose to proceed to adjudication. Adjudication involves an Adjudicator or Panel of Adjudicators deciding the dispute. Consumers need to pay an adjudication case fee for the adjudication.

Consumers should not submit the originals of their documents to FIDReC. They should only provide FIDReC with copies of the documents supporting their complaint. FIDReC will not be responsible for the loss of any original documents provided to it.