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FIDReC's office will be closed on
Lunar New Year's Eve, 4 February 2019.
NOTICE : Beware of communications impersonating FIDReC and other scams.
ANNOUNCEMENT : The requirements for the FIDReC Training Programme for Mediators of Financial Disputes (FTPM) and the FIDReC Accreditation of Mediators (specialised in financial disputes) have been enhanced - with effect from 8 December 2017, the requirement for the attachment to FIDReC's Complaints Management Unit (CMU) to learn and gain practical hands-on experience will be increased from 8 weeks or 40 working days to a minimum of 12 weeks or 60 working days.
With effect from 3 January 2017, FIDReC's jurisdiction will be increased to S$100,000 per claim for all claims.
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