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1) What is the role of FIDReC?


2) What types of claims does FIDReC handle?


3) Which financial institutions are subscribed to FIDReC?


4) Is FIDReC a government agency?


5) Does FIDReC appoint lawyers to represent consumers in their disputes or assist in enforcing their claims against the financial institutions?


6) Does FIDReC provide legal, financial or other professional advice?


7) What is mediation at FIDReC like?


8) What is adjudication at FIDReC like?


9) How much can I claim?


10) How do I file a complaint?


11) How much will filing a complaint cost?


12) What if I am not happy with the Adjudicator's ruling?​​​​​


13) How long will it take for FIDReC to resolve my dispute?


14) I have some feedback for FIDReC on its services. How can I convey my feedback to FIDReC?