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We are an independent and impartial alternative dispute resolution institution. We encourage and assist in the resolution of disputes between consumers and financial institutions through mediation and adjudication.

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FIDReC's Jurisdiction

FIDReC can mediate all eligible disputes between consumers and financial institutions, but there is a limit of S$150,000 per claim for adjudication of disputes.

There may be certain types of claims that FIDReC cannot handle under its Terms Of Reference. Find out more.

FIDReC's Process

Our process starts with consumers filing a complaint against financial institutions subscribed to FIDReC. If the complaint is within FIDReC's jurisdiction, the claim proceeds to mediation. If there is no settlement at mediation, the consumer can choose to bring the claim to the final stage of FIDReC's process - adjudication.

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Financial Institutions

We are able to help you resolve your dispute with a wide range of financial institutions. To find out which financial institutions are subscribed to us, please click on one of the categories below.

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