FIDReC's Process

Our process starts with consumers filing a complaint against financial institutions subscribed to FIDReC. If the complaint is within FIDReC's jurisdiction, the claim proceeds to mediation. If there is no settlement at mediation, the consumer can choose to bring the claim to the final stage of FIDReC's process - adjudication.

Have a dispute with your financial institution?

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What if my complaint involves a motor accident?

The FIDReC Non-Injury Motor Accident Scheme(FIDReC-NIMA Scheme) helps consumers resolve non-injury motor accident disputes with insurance companies in which the amount claimed is below S$3,000. The FIDReC-NIMA Scheme covers claims by complainants against a third party insurance company.


Key Features of the two Schemes

Under both the FIDReC Scheme and FIDReC-NIMA Scheme, the process is confidential and will not affect the consumer's legal rights. The consumer can choose whether or not to accept the adjudication outcome. If the consumer accepts an award made by the Adjudicator, it is binding on the financial institution. If the consumer disagrees with the adjudication outcome, the consumer can pursue the claim in court or other avenues.

*Note S$200 may be refunded to either party after the adjudication under FIDReC's prevailing Refund Rules.