1. A person is eligible to be appointed to the FIDReC Panel of Adjudicators if:

    1. the person possesses a degree in accounting, banking, economics, finance, insurance, law, or such other professional qualification as may be recognised by the FIDReC Appointment Committee;

    2. the person has working experience of at least 10 years in, or relating to the financial or legal industry in Singapore; and

    3. the FIDReC Appointment Committee is of the opinion that the person is suitable to be appointed as a FIDReC Adjudicator.

  2. In assessing the suitability of a person to be appointed to the FIDReC Adjudicators Panel, the FIDReC Appointment Committee will have regard to whether the person is of sufficient stature and possesses the qualifications and experience to command the respect and confidence of the parties at FIDReC, as well as carry out the duties required of an Adjudicator of FIDReC.

  3. The duties required of an Adjudicator of FIDReC are contained in the FIDReC Terms of Reference. In particular, Sections 4.3, 4.4 and 5 relate to the adjudication process, and Annex 4 sets out the Adjudication Procedure, Adjudication Agreements and Code of Conduct for Adjudicators.

  4. An appointment to the FIDReC Panel of Adjudicators will be for a term of 1 to 3 years, with a minimum commitment of 2 cases a year.

  5. FIDReC reserves the right, in its absolution discretion, to remove any person from the FIDReC Adjudicators Panel at any time.