FIDReC's Training Programme for Mediators of Financial Disputes (FTPM)

  1. To complete FIDReC's Induction Training
  2. To complete 1 calendar year full-time employment with FIDReC with no disciplinary and/or non-compliance issues
  3. To complete On-The-Job Training (OJT) involving real-life actual financial disputes:
    1. At least 5 financial disputes on observation
    2. At least 2 financial disputes on co-mediation
    3. Where appropriate, consultative sessions with experienced supervisors/mediators will be held to consider feedback and work on areas for improvement
  4. To Participate in at least 6 Mediators Sharing Sessions
    1. To share and present at least 2 real-life actual case studies which include:
      1. Facts of the case;
      2. Nature of the dispute;
      3. Background of the disputants;
      4. Main issues involved in the dispute;
      5. How the case was handled; and
      6. Outcome of the case
    2. Mediators are to participate actively in the Sessions, sharing their experience and knowledge 
    3. Particular focus is to be given on difficult and challenging disputes/issues
      For example, Mediators should discuss and give their views on how to manage such disputes/issues and any demands, challenges and/or objections raised by the disputants.

  5. To complete a minimum 12 weeks or 60 working days attachment to FIDReC's Contact Centre (FCC)
    1. To learn and gain experience in handling disputants at the first point of contact when they seek assistance from FIDReC
    2. To complete at least 5 full interview statements taken from complainants and/or witnesses
    3. To attend to at least 5 complainants (who filed a Dispute Resolution Form at FIDReC) in person
  6. To handle at least 10 Adjudication cases and write at least 10 case reports
  7. To demonstrate sufficient mediation experience and expertise:
    1. To mediate at least 10 financial disputes as the Presiding Mediator
    2. To successfully resolve (acting as the Presiding Mediator) at least 5 financial disputes through mediation
  8. To complete the following Assessments:
    1. Written Assessment (self-reflection)
    2. Written Assessment (test)
    3. Practical Assessment - mediation of actual real-life financial dispute in real-life setting