Key Responsibilities

  1. Administers the FIDReC Accreditation of Mediators (specialised in financial disputes)
  2. Awards Accreditation to candidates who meet the prevailing accreditation requirements and/or standards
  3. Sets, reviews and/or revises the requirements and/or standards for each level of Accreditation
  4. To consider and decide whether any Accreditation which has been previously awarded should be revoked
    1. In assessing whether to award any level of accreditation, the FIDReC Accreditor may review any mediation conducted by the candidate (either in person or via video recording) and/or may interview the candidate
    2. FIDReC has the right at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, to revoke any accreditation awarded. FIDReC is not obliged to give any prior notice of revocation and/or to give any grounds/reasons (written or otherwise)
    3. FIDReC has the right to revise/amend the accreditation requirements and/or standards at any time without giving any prior notice
    4. The decisions of FIDReC with respect to all matters relating to the Accreditation of mediators/candidates and/or the revocation of any previously awarded accreditation are final and conclusive and not subject to any appeal or dispute. FIDReC is not obliged to give any prior notice and/or to provide any grounds/reasons (written or otherwise) for its decisions