Banks offer valuable services to consumers, including credit cards, savings and fixed deposit accounts, as well as financial advice. However, there will be times where disputes arise, for example, from unauthorised transactions, or when customers feel they have not been given the appropriate advice or that a bank representative has misled them. 
Join our panellists as they share good practices you should cultivate for successful banking and common pitfalls you should avoid in Singapore. The discussion will also cover what can be done when disputes arise. 
This webinar is brought to you by FIDReC and Law Society Pro Bono Services. 

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00:12:34 Credit Card
00:40:43 Housing Loan
00:56:43 Investment Product
01:12:45 Q and A
01:24:15 Key Takeaways

Moderator: Serene Gan
Panelists: Eunice Chua, FIDReC. Aurill Kam, Legal Clinic LLC.