This webinar will cover legal issues you should be aware of relating to life and medical insurance contracts in Singapore, with a focus on misrepresentation/mis-selling and liability disputes and how FIDREC can help you resolve such disputes.

0:00 Introduction
4:03 Why do we need insurance?
10:18 How to know if an insurer is reliable?
13:55 What does FIDReC do and how can FIDReC help me?
22:44 Mis-selling and misrepresentation
56:29 Policy lapses or switching of policies
1:01:30 Reading the terms of your policy
1:07:03 Exclusion clauses
1:08:33 Questions and answers

Speakers: Eunice Chua, FIDREC. Francis Goh, Eversheds Harry Elias.
Moderator: Ng Liyen
Recorded on: 4 May 2020