Don’t become another victim of scams! Unsure on how to protect yourself from the ever-evolving world of scams and fraud? In today’s digital age, scams can lurk around every corner, targeting unsuspecting individuals with cunning tactics and sophisticated schemes.

Join our moderator, Eunice Chua (Chief Executive Officer, FIDReC) and speakers, Yam Wern-Jhien (Director, Setia Law LLC), Nicholas Aaron Khoo (Council Member, National Crime Prevention Council) and Rosie Ann Mcintyre (Assistant Director, Public Education Programme, Scam Public Education Office, Operations Department, Singapore Police Force) as they aim to arm you with invaluable knowledge and practical strategies to identify, avoid, and combat scams effectively.

From phishing emails and fake websites to investment fraud and identity theft, they will explore the most prevalent scams and share with you on how to recognise red flags before it is too late. Also discover powerful techniques to safeguard your personal and financial information, understand the psychology behind scams, and learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business from falling prey to deceptive practices.