Case Study #1 The shopper at a roadshow who did not realise she bought an insurance policy

Case Study #2 The holiday-maker who lost his credit card

Case Study #3 The phishing scam that led to unauthorised credit card transactions

Case Study #4 When travel plans go awry

Case Study #5 An investment scam

Case Study #6 A health insurance claim

Case Study #7 Allegation of mis-selling at a bank branch

Case Study #8 A vulnerable customer who mistakenly purchased an insurance policy

Case Study #9 Discovering an old fixed deposit slip

Case Study #10 A margin call on a trading account

Case Study #11 Loan interest rate increase leading to dispute

Case Study #12 A banking impersonation scam

Case Study #13 Closing of bank account by bank leading to dispute

Case Study #14 Forgetting to pay insurance premiums

Case Study #15 A dispute about reasonable and customary hospitalisation and surgical charges

Case Study #16 A motor accident late at night

Case Study #17 When the coronavirus disrupts your travel plans

Case Study #18 When a good offer turned out to be a scam

Case Study #19 A vulnerable customer who was misled into thinking that a unit trust product was like a fixed deposit

Case Study #20 Taking a bank loan to fund insurance policy premiums

Case Study #21 Dispute over blocking of credit card

Case Study #22 Exclusion clause leading to claim rejection

Case Study #23 When insurance policy terms change

Case Study #24 Policy limit insufficient to cover loss

Case Study #25 When the drivers involved have different accounts of how an accident took place